Discover a life with less pain and improved health that allows anyone to feel blessed.


Conditions That Cause Pain

Our purpose when we get up every day is to see how many people we can help get out of pain and influence to a better quality of life.

Below we highlight some of the issues we have had the pleasure in helping people learn how to deal with them better and suffer with less.

We are looking for global partners to help us spread the word, help people get out of pain and into better health, and make some money.

We have people who get relief from pain and stiffness within as little as 15 minutes. People who can't open water bottles able to within a week and feeling great.
We do the vertigo test. Feet together, hands out in front, eyes closed. We watch the wobble. We apply the Frequency Bracelet and watch it subside, for most it stops.
For a quick demonstration or in order to help someone who comes in need of relief. We apply the frequency directly to the area affected and givn time relief is seen.
Many people wished they had met us earlier and carpal tunnel is one of the urgery's that we have seen where the customer had continued issues and we were able to help.
There is no greater pleasure than when you have a disbeliever with substantail pain standing in front of you. I have made many believers who had knee, back and hip pain.
Fibromyalgia is a little different. With this the customer must expect the need for more time for the energy to work. However, they can expect results generally within a week.
With M.S. & Parkinson's it's shocking to see someone uncontrolably showing the effect. For some, placing the Frequency Tuning Health Aid on them, they stop shaking.
The kinesiology test we do, this is very real and closes many sales. But what you are seeing is that an individual is much stronger and their balance is much improved.
When you strap on your Frequency Tuning Bracelet not only are you tuning the energy in your cells for better health, you adding protection from the negative effects of EMF.

Health & Healing are the same

Health and Healing can only begin when you believe
in it and when you feel you are worthy of it.

Jurine Lewis

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