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A Life with Less Pain and Better Health!
Better Strength, Balance and Flexibility!

'We purchased a bracelet and within days Diana
noticed a difference. Diana has arthritis, fibromyalgia
and many other health issues with her Lupus.
She is now able to walk about 3 miles again.
Thanks for the new energy and less pain.'

Steve & Diana, South Carolina

Improve Your Lifestyle and Your Well-Being!

Radiation from EMFs interfere with our body's natural processes including sleep, hormone production, our immune system and our ability to self-heal.

Radiation from EMFs from outside the body disrupt our body's natural balance and can play havoc with the millions of electrical impulses that the body uses to regulate all cellular activity. We are sensitive natural bioelectric beings.

Exposure to EMFs is dangerous to your health as it can cause adverse health conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, headaches, abnormal behaviour in children, autism, attention deficit disorder, concentration and memory problems, learning and behavioral disorders and much more. (see below).

The Bod-e-Tune Naturopathic Health Aid is designed to tune the frequencies of the cells of your muscles, bones and nervous system and protect them from interference from electronic devices that may alter your body's natural electrical frequencies and can potential cause many health issues. You are at risk, your children, loved ones and even your pets are all being affected by EMF's.

Don't wait until you need to reverse the effects and symptoms that may plague you, when you can protect yourself and possibly prevent them. Bod-e-Tune tunes the cells of your muscles, bones and nervous system optimizing cell function and allowing the body to do what it should naturally.

Bod-e-Tune utilizes the latest in Nano Technology Research and people world-wide are reporting exciting results on conditions, such as;

* Arthritis
* Joint Pain
* Muscle Pain
* Carpal Tunnel
* Fibromyalgia
* Migraines
* Cronic Fatigue
* Old Injuries
* Neuropathy

* Increased Strength
* Increased Stamina
* Better Nights Rest
* And Much More
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* Arthritis: People who go from having many arthritis pains and restrictions like, knee pains, hand pains and restrictions, and people who can't open a bottle of water, who can now do so easily. This is life changing for these people.

* Joint Pain: People with hip and knee pains, as well as waiting for hip, knee replacements who within a week or so report significantly less or no pain. People who tell us that Bod-e-Tune is the best purchase they have made.

* Muscle Pain: People who have been bent over unable to straighten up because of back pain, muscle spasms and nerve pain, who come back thanking us, walking straight and feeling great.

* Carpal Tunnel: People in severe pain and restricted movement who are now pain free and with full movement. Some have avoided operations that they were considering.

* Fibromyalgia: People who could not get out of bed standing like a normal person, they crawl out onto the floor and work their way to their feet and within a week they are standing out of bed like a normal person with less pain.

* Migraines: People who suffer from regular headaches, migraines and cluster migraines who report incredible results in keeping their headaches in check, with less often and less severe issues.

* Chronic Fatigue: Many customers tell us how they have increased energy and when there is less pain and discomfort the body naturally is more rested and more energized. There is also less stress on the body and quicker recovery.

* Old Injuries: People who have been in accidents who have suffered for years with pain after the fact. They report tremendous results with pain relief and better healing giving them a better quality of life.

* Neuropathy
: Here we have seen many results with balance, tingling, numbness, pain and much more. We have people who have had a stroke with increased feeling and function with the Health Aid.

* Increased Strength, Stamina and a Better Nights Rest: Independent Study showed an increase in strength and stamina average of 48.9% for those tested. Many people say they feel better balanced and energized with clearer thinking.

* And Much More,


The Bod-e-Tune Naturopathic Health Aid has been one of the best blessings for me personally. After being rear-ended in 1977 my back has never been the same and I suffered in pain for many years. I also have sciatic pain that was terribly painful.

I wear 2 Bod-e-Tune Health Aids and have been pain free 99.9% of the time since August 2010. I now enjoy helping others to reduce pain and I have transformed many lives, enjoying the best rewards... helping others.

What You Don't Know About Electrical Pollution Can Hurt You!
Watch the Videos, Start Here and Protect Your Family
The EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency) videos on this website are provided as a source of information and education on EMF's and their effect on the human body. Companies or people in these EMF informational videos do not endorse the Bod-e-Tune Health Aid in any way.

Protect yourself, your children and your pets with Bod-e-Tune Health Aid.

What You Don't Know About Electrical Pollution Can Hurt You!
How the Bod-e-Tune Naturopathic Health Aid Works:

Bod-e-Tune is designed to tune frequencies in your body and protect you from interference from electronic devices that may alter your body’s natural electronic frequencies of your muscles, bones and nervous system.

We are continuously exposed to electrical pollution from cell phones, wifi, tv’s, lights, microwave and other electrical frequencies. Bod-e-Tune is a tune-up to the electrical frequencies of the cells of your muscles, bones and nervous system. It locks your frequencies where they should be and protects you from interference.

The success of the Bod-e-Tune Health Aid is a direct result of Nano Technology Research.

The process begins with a non-ferrous metal. The metal is first polarized and then electronically charged with 3 frequencies of the human body.

When the processed metal comes into contact with your body, the cells of your muscles, bones and nervous system tune to the frequencies in our disc instantly.

This allows your body to achieve a significant improvement in cell function instantly and allows your body to function at a significantly higher level.

This provides protection from frequency interferences for your muscles, bones and nervous system and gives you a noticeable and instant increase in strength.

Daily functions such as getting up out of a chair, walking, lifting, anything requiring the use of strength, balance and flexibility become easier. Within days of wearing your Bod-e-Tune Health Aid, you may experience less pain, greater flexibility, possibly more energy and improved game play allowing you to perform daily activities as you did years earlier.

So whether you simply want to be protected, you have a pain that you would like to get rid of or you are a sports enthusiasts who is looking for better game play, the Bod-e-Tune Health Aid may be just what you have been missing.

The results of an independent blind study shows an average of 48.9% increase in strength and stamina alone from wearing the Bod-e-Tune Health Aid. Try our strength tests.

The Bod-e-Tune Health Aid Disc will also not wear out, it will last you for your lifetime and we guarantee it.

In the laboratory, chronic exposure to low level electromagnetic fields clearly affects growth and development, stress response, immune response and many neurological functions. This is not surprising because at the cellular level we are all electrical beings. Epidemiologic studies relate electromagnetic fields to birth defects, psychosis, childhood leukemias and to other cancers, especially brain and reproductive tumors.

What are the symptoms of radio frequency sickness?

Note: This Information May Be New To Your Physician!

From the first awareness of health effects related to electromagnetic radiation decades ago, non-localized neurological symptoms have been very prominent. These include: headaches, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, irritability, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, weakness, tremors, muscle spasms, numbness, tingling, altered reflexes, muscle and joint pain, leg/foot pain, "Flu-like" symptoms and fever. More severe symptoms can include seizures, paralysis, psychosis and stroke. These complaints, along with numerous non-specific multiple systems symptoms, constitute radio frequency sickness.
Radio frequency sickness should be suspected if you have chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia, attention deficit disorder, and multiple sclerosis as a number of people with those disorders have substantially recovered after being treated for it. Asthma, headaches-including migraines, blood sugar control, allergies, and sleep quality have all improved with reducing exposure to radio frequencies.

People are becoming sick who do not seem to be at risk. Unbeknownst to them, they are being exposed to high frequencies through exposure to "dirty" power. Without an oscilloscope or a meter, it is impossible for the average person to detect. Not knowing the problem exists puts you at risk.
The Bod-e-Tune Health Aid does not do the healing in any way…it tunes your frequencies and allows your body to do what it does naturally and better. The results and time it may take to get results are unique to each individual based on their DNA and severity of their issue.

The Bod-e-Tune Health Aid is not like other items that you will find on the market. When your car is running badly and you need a tune-up you take it to a mechanic and he does his thing and when you get it back it is running smooth and efficient, saving you fuel and taking you where you want to go the way it is meant to. Bod-e-Tune works in much the same way by tuning up and enhancing the functioning of the cells of your muscles, bones and nervous system so that your body works the way it was meant to.
There are no limits to the benefits that an individual may receive because each individual is unique and their results will also be uniquely theirs.

However, everyone will receive benefit from Bod-e-Tune because of the tuning of the frequencies of your muscles, bones and nervous system along with the protection from the effects of external frequencies that cause us harm.


Available at Bod-e-Tune Wellness:
Pickering Markets, 1400 Squires Beach Road, Pickering, Ontario, Aisle K - Booth 2214
By Home or Business Appointment By Calling
Phone: 647-883-2232

I have Fibromyalgia. I now can get out of bed in the morning without pain and now will not live without my health band. Thank you.

Darlene Temale

I'm a man that was in a wheel chair. I am walking with a cane now an no longer need the wheel chair. Your product really changed my life!

Thomas M.

Cynthia G.,
United Kingdom
After suffering from a brain hemorage I was thankful to have survived, I had terrible headaches for 10 years from the damage done.

I took medication to make it manageable until I was introduced to the Bod-e-Tune Health Aid. Two weeks after putting it on I was off the pain medication and I could not believe how it gave me my life back.

Thank you Mike

Dave W.,
United Kingdom
I suffered from chronic cluster migraines for a very long time. I would be lucky to go for 6 hours a day without the pain.

After getting my Bod-e-Tune Health Aid my migraines diminshed over a two week period to the point where I have about 6 hours of migraines a week and most of the time I don't get any at all.

I would recommend anyone to try it.

Since the age of 14 I have been a migraine sufferer.
Last june I purchased a Naturopathic Health Bracelet and I have not had a migraine or even a headache since the day I put it on. It has been life changing for me. I am so thankful.

Kathy H.

Ann J., United Kingdom
I just love my Bod-e-Tune Bracelet. I am almost pain free, I get around much easier and also feel like I am still getting better.

I would never want to be without it.

Ian D., United Kingdom

My mobility is much better, I am in less pain, I sleep better and just feel like things are working better.

Pretty good to feel better without medication.

Don't hesitate to try it...I am very impressed.

I am a long distance walker. Last winter I slid on ice and to break my fall I put my left hand down. It swelled and went black and the pain was unbearable. I put the Bod-e-Tune Bracelet on and could not believe that the pain was gone in about 20 minutes. I continued to wear the bracelet and didn't think about it too much and then realized 6 months later that I had not had any pains. As with many people I did have periodic back pains and now, no more back pain and I will never be without my Bod-e-Tune Bracelet.

Sandi Gale
Oshawa, Ontario
I purchased the bracelet on June 04/11 at the Pickering Marketplace. I was walking around and was experiencing back spasms. I had just told my husband that we had to leave when I saw the booth. I went up and started talking with Mike. He put a bracelet on me and kept on talking.Within minutes the spasms stopped. I haven't had any spasms since.

I have also purchased one for my ankle due to knee and hip pain. The pain in the knee was better in a few days and the hip is feeling a little better in about 6 days. I have had knee pain for years since a car accident.The Dr. said it is Arthritis and gave me pain medicine. I stopped taking the pain pills this week also.

Jo-Anne Clements
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Computer Frequency Effects on the
Human Body and Cells Demonstration
Everyone will receive benefit from the Bod-E-Tune Health Aid. The results of an independent blind study conducted shows an average of 48.9% increase in strength and stamina alone from wearing the Bod-E-Tune Health Aid.

TEST SUBJECT (Click Blind Study Results for More)
Before Bod-e-Tune
Strength: Right Column Strength in Pounds
Stamina: Bottom Graph How Long Held
With Bod-e-Tune
Strength: Right Column Strength in Pounds
Stamina: Bottom Graph How Long Held
With Placebo
Strength: Right Column Strength in Pounds
Stamina: Bottom Graph How Long Held
  So whether you have an annoying pain that you would like to get rid of or you are a sports enthuiasts who is looking for better game play, the Naturopathic Health Aid may be just what you are missing in your life. Our customers will never give up their Bod-e-Tune Health Aid because of the benefits that it provides.

Bod-e-Tune works great for people who do physically taxing work providing more strength, stamina and a quicker recovery time. If you are a fireman, police officer, construction worker, shift worker, etc., Bod-e-Tune may be just what you need to make your job and your life easier.

Bod-e-Tune also works for animals! If you want the best health for your pet of any kind, the Bod-e-Tune Health Aid may be just what is needed.
We have found that dogs that have arthritis, hip pain, seizures, limited mobility etc., have benefitted from wearing the Bod-e-Tune Health Aid.
Dogs with arthritis, hip pain, body pain, seizures, and other issues have benefitted from using the Bod-e-Tune Health Aid.

Why Choose the Bod-e-Tune Naturopathic Health Aid
There are several bands and bracelets on the market, including copper, magnets, "Power Balance", EZ Balance and "Q-Ray". Some of these have even proven to be somewhat helpful. However, none of these bands have even come close to providing the benefits of our Bod-e-Tune Naturopathic Health Aid and that we guarantee.

Enjoy living pain free again with your Bod-e-Tune Naturopathic Health Aid. Many of our customers report "no pain", or drastically reduced pain. Enjoy walking, dancing or just relaxing without joint pain. Stop spending thousands of dollars on pain medicine every year. Put on the Bod-e-Tune Health Aid and enjoy life to its fullest.

The Bod-e-Tune Health Aid can give you more mobility and get you moving again. Imagine, no drugs, medicines, needles, etc. With a money back guarantee and thousands of satisfied customers, why would you not want to try the Bod-e-Tune Naturopathic Health Aid.
90 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Wear Bod-e-Tune day and night for 60 days. If you feel you are not receiving benefit and if you need to return it, do so within 90 days for a refund less a $10.00 User Fee plus shipping cost if applicable.

NO REFUNDS Before 60 Days Are Up!